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Could you be achieving more? Could you save time and improve inefficient processes? Are you torn between doing what you have always done and evolving and embracing change?

If so, we can help!

Here at CH4B, we guide our members to recognise their talents, respond to their businesses challenges and plan for the future.

We focus on key areas within business that would have the biggest impact & result in successful growth & business development.

Let’s be honest… How great would it feel to be in full control of your business?

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Feature: Interactive live webinars delivering business strategies plus tips to take away and implement in your business. Plus Live, Question and Answer Sessions.
Benefit: Our weekly business development meetings will help keep you focused on the right areas of your business giving you tools and strategies that will deliver momentum with real results.
Feature: Ongoing business development support, bringing our professionals and Hub members together.
Benefit: A great way to stay ahead of the curve, keeping you up to date with new products, services and initiatives for you and your business.
Feature: A deeper dive into your business – What motivates you? What are you looking to achieve? How do you plan on achieving this? How can CH4B benefit you on a personal and business level?
Benefit: Creating a personalised plan for your business will help give you clarity on what you need to do to deliver results faster.
Feature: Personal 1 to 1 calls to set realistic goals and SMART objectives measuring your success to date.
Benefit: Holding you accountable, ensuring you deliver your commitments and achieve great success.
Feature: Connect with like-minded business owners with a positive mindset, share ideas and experiences.
Benefit: Discussing similar interests with like-minded business owners will add great value to you and your business. Learning and sharing information will save time and increase momentum.
Feature: Every member could be an opportunity for you to do business. Reach out to like-minded business owners. Explore the opportunity of working with one another.
Benefit: A cost-effective opportunity to promote your products or services to other businesses. Saving you money on sales and marketing.
Feature: Interact and strike up conversations with like-minded business owners. Engaging group with dynamic backgrounds and experience – you cant be an expert in everything.
Benefit: If you have a business challenge and you’re not sure of the answer, need a good business referral or you would like some market research from other like-minded business owners. This is a great tool.
Feature: Receive a personal introduction to other members, giving you your own pitch platform whilst welcoming you into the community.
Benefit: Strike up new conversations with members and uncover business opportunities you did not know where there. Building relationships and expanding your business network are key factors leading to successful business growth.
Feature: Often referred to as the Amazon of the business world.
Benefit: Reliable experts and unique products and services at your fingertips.
Feature: Take advantage of our unique reward system and earn rewards on all member products and services purchased.
Benefit: Receive more for your money and have the flexibility of spending your reward anywhere MasterCard is accepted through our CH4B Loyalty Card.
It’s our way of saying thank you!

CH4B Business Hub membership starting from as little as £997+VAT per year.

(Annual subscription required. T&Cs apply).

Our Price Promise - Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our offering & expertise, we offer a money-back guarantee to ALL Business Hub Members. If you don’t receive £997’s worth of value or equivalent within the first 12 months we will give you a full refund.

What have you got to lose? It’s a no brainer.

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CH4B – Working together to Support, Protect and Grow your business.

Our Solutions​

Whether you’re a start-up, SME or a larger business enterprise, we understand the motivations and challenges you face being in business.

We’ve been there.

Our team at CH4B have the expertise you need to achieve business growth and profitability.

Why work with CH4B?

Central Hub For Business gives you freedom

Creating more time

By working with CH4B, you can access a wealth of expertise and experience that will ultimately deliver you more time.

The biggest strength in any business is the team of people who pull it all together, working to create the power driving your business forward.

Ensure you and your team have everything you need to survive and thrive.

Our team will work alongside you to improve and strengthen processes and efficiencies within your business.

Make changes today and see how much time you can save!

Central Hub For Business gives you more time

Protecting you and your business

No one person can be an expert in every area in business. Being able to access the right expert at the right time is vital to the success of any business.

At CH4B we work together to provide and deliver the expertise you need not just in business but in life to.

Whether you need support and advice on HR or Health & Safety or to effective tax plan and obtain advice from our tax specialists, we can quickly and efficiently help to resolve any problem and answer any questions you may have.

Magic happens when we work together.

Speak to our team today to plan for whatever the future holds!

client meeting talking about their business

Delivering more profit

We are privileged to work with a diverse range of businesses and business owners. One thing we all have in common is the fundamental need to create and grow profit.

There are hundreds of strategies, implementations and ideas that we have in our tool bag, which we know will ensure you deliver more profit to your business.

We are happy to share these with you.

Our Complete Advisory Solution allows us to take a deeper dive into your business, building plans and structures to support long term. Focussing on the future whilst learning and reflecting on the past.

Let’s discover the opportunity or deliver you more profit. Take action today! 

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