Connecting you with Experts

Through Our business success community

We guide our members to recognise their talents

CH4B will help you respond to your businesses challenges and help you plan for the future.

We focus on key areas within business that would have the biggest impact & result in successful growth & business development.

What we do!

CH4B is a Business Success Community!

We support you; we understand your business and the challenges you may have and then together we find the solution by connecting you to the right expert.

How we do this?

CH4B is here to support you!

You will receive a dedicated business advisor who will invest time each month to understand what gaps or challenges you may have they will then match you with the right expert.

What this means to you!

All this and more… please visit our Pricing Page for full details.

Through our community, we encourage our members to share, educate and learn from one another.

We don’t just support the business, we support everyone within it.

Our aim is to help support you and your business by making sure you have all the tools and expertise to succeed.

We are here to help, support, protect and grow your business

Achieve the same success as the professions we’ve had the pleasure of working with

The most important thing with any membership is that it is utilised

Just like going to the gym, the hardest thing is getting started… We want to ensure that all of our members get maximum value from their CH4B membership. To achieve this, we have put in place a proven 4 step onboarding process.

Complete your membership application and authorised payment.

Introduce yourself and your business to our members through our Communication Hub.

Complete your onboarding call to help us understand where we can support your business better.

Provide us with a one-page introduction to your business that we can share with other Hub members.

Get explosive results whatever the size of your business

CH4B – Working together to Support, Protect and Grow your business.

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