The Essential Guide to Building a Positive Work Culture

The significance of a robust work culture cannot be overstated. Recognising that employees are not just workers, but the very backbone of the company, is crucial. As businesses evolve, so should their approach to maintaining an environment where employees are nurtured both personally and professionally.  This blog will help you define what work culture is, […]

Unlocking SME Success Through Workplace Wellbeing

Navigating the daily challenges of running an SME is no small feat, and the wellbeing of your team is crucial to your company’s performance and profitability.  Here, we explore five compelling reasons why fostering a positive workplace culture is indispensable:  It’s proven! A study by The University of Warwick revealed that happiness directly correlates with […]

Leveraging Tendering for Sustainable Business Growth

Blog Banner for Leveraging Tendering for Sustainable Business Growth

In the quest for sustainable business growth, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK face the challenge of finding effective strategies. Public sector tendering emerges as a promising solution, offering a pathway to new opportunities and expansion. This blog delves into the world of tendering, outlining how it can be a sustainable growth strategy […]

Top Tips for Growing Your Business

When growing a business, it’s necessary to learn how to grow it in a stable way, take care of automation, delegation and managing the risks that arise. This blog will go through some of the things to keep in mind as your business grows, along with some points you may not have thought about. Content […]

Enhancing Financial Stability Through Contractor Risk Management

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying on top of tax regulations is crucial for financial stability. One such regulation that businesses employing self-employed individuals must navigate is IR35. IR35, or the “Intermediaries Legislation,” aims to determine whether a contractor is genuinely self-employed or effectively an employee for tax purposes. Non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and reputational damage. That’s why it’s essential for businesses to consider comprehensive IR35 reviews and guidance for contractor risk management. Partnering with CH4B approved partner Maven Support Services ensures expert support in navigating these complex regulations, safeguarding your financial interests and ensuring compliance for long-term success.

Why Should You Review Your Business Rates This Spring

As the flowers bloom and the weather warms, Spring marks a time of renewal and growth. It’s also an opportune moment for businesses to reassess their financial strategies and prepare for the year ahead. At Goodman Nash, as property auditors with 30 years of experience, we’re paying particular attention to the Spring Budget and anything […]

4 Key Lessons for Business Owners from The Post Office Scandal

Blog Banner - 4 Key Lessons for Business Owners from The Post Office Scandal

The recent post office scandal in the United Kingdom has brought to light several important lessons that business owners can learn from. The scandal involved the wrongful conviction of post office workers due to faulty IT systems, and it has raised serious concerns about the accountability and fairness of large organisations. Here are four key takeaways from this scandal that business owners should keep in mind

The 4 Fundamentals of Financial Planning from CH4B

Financial decisions made at an early stage can be the most important, as well as the most difficult so small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must adopt a proactive approach to financial planning. 

11 Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Strategy [Free Template]

Building an effective sales strategy involves a combination of careful planning, understanding your target market and executing well-defined tactics. Content Directory:  1. What is a sales strategy? A sales strategy sets the direction your sales team will take to reach revenue targets by identifying target customers and selling channels, and then creating a sales process […]

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11 Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Strategy

11 Steps to Creating a Winning Sales Strategy [Free Template]