Membership Charter

The CH4B Membership Charter

CH4B Membership Charter promotes proactive and positive lines of communication from the outset, to underpin and help achieve high levels of member satisfaction as well as healthy and proactive partner relationships.

Our Vision

“We have created an ethical and trusted environment where
business owners are able to learn, discover and access
anything they may need for their business”

Our Values

Honesty – We Are Straight Talking!

Integrity – We Do It The Right Way!

Supportive – We Are Here For You!

Impact – Together We Make The Difference!

As a CH4B Member we ask;

That together we can ensure that all members receive a service that is in line with our vision and values.

Together we believe that if we strive together we will all be stronger.

CH4B members must be aligned with CH4B’s vision and values in order to become a CH4B member.

Consequently, the Member hereby agrees to use its best efforts to comply with the CH4B Membership Charter (as updated from time to time).

CH4B encourages its members to respond to any Partner Introduction within 48 hours of receiving contact from them.

CH4B Membership - The 3 Key Principles of the Charter


We will work together in a respectful and professional manner by ensuring;

Each member will treat other members and partners with the same respect and integrity that they would like themselves.

We will ensure that all members are informed promptly when things change within the business, especially when the change could have a material impact upon them.


We will maintain open and honest communication to ensure all expectations are exceeded by;
Each member will have the opportunity to a monthly strategy call with one of our highly-trained consultants. 
CH4B encourages its members to respond to any Partner Introduction within 48 hours of receiving contact from them.
Each member will always aim to be open and transparent to ensure that we can nurture and grow each other’s network.


We will always strive to deliver an exceptional service by;
We will collaborate by sharing knowledge and insight to deliver the right solution for you the CH4B member.
Each member will agree to be open about other beneficial opportunities that may arise for either a CH4B member or partner.
We will always deliver exceptional service, and in situations where this has not been met, we will always collectively evaluate, learn and evolve.
will always aim to commit time for briefings and updates.