Meet The Team

CH4B - We’re focused on the facts, the market opportunities and what you want to achieve; we’ve built our reputation on it.

World Class Business Support

We work and have worked with every industry imaginable.
Our experience and team of specialists are on hand to support with whatever you and your business needs.
Whatever it is you do, we have the expertise and solutions you need to become more successful.

We’re only happy when we exceed our member’s expectations. So, we constantly work hard to be the best of the best. We often call upon our trusted team of specialists to help our member’s businesses grow. We have excellent working relationships with more dynamic industries such as social media, branding, sales, and marketing specialists.

We love that most new business hub members join us through recommendation and say we deliver an outstanding service.

the ch4b team



Neil Kilgour

Managing Director

Managing Director of CH4B

Nicola Buckby (BA Hons)

Our Specialists

CH4B is built on people – it’s our specialists and their personalities behind the scenes that make our results possible.

We enjoy our work and are determined to do an outstanding job for you – our clients, whatever our role within your business.

Accountancy Specialist​

Jane Highman accountant

Jane Highman

Financial Planning Specialist

Financial Planning Specialist

Gavin Johnson

Employment Status Protection Specialist

Jag Jeer

Jag Jeer

Digital Marketing & Website Specialist

CH4B Digital Marketing

Luke Kilgour

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Specialist

Tee Aujlay

Business Community Specialist

Business Specialist


Health and Safety Specialist

Health and Safety Specialist

Laurence Begley

Finance Specialist

Finance Specialist

Eddie Shaw

Cost Reduction Specialist

Cost Reduction Specialist

John McGown

Expense Card Specialist

Expense Card Management Specialist

James Hanlon

VoIP & Broadband Specialist


Eric Hartley

Telecommunications Specialist


Dave Spittlehouse

Cost Management Specialist

RIshi Sharma

Rishi Sharma

Recruitment Specialist

Jimmy headshot CH4B-min

Jimmy Armitage

Mortgages and Corporate Finance Specialists

Chris Hewitt

Chris Hewitt

Michael Batchelor

Michael Batchelor

Mark Pagett

Mark Pagett

R&D Tax Credential Specialists

R&D Tax Credential Specialist

Patricia Harvey

R&D Tax Credential Specialist

Ian Farley

R&D Tax - Engineering / Manufacturing Specialists

R&D Tax - Engineering / Manufacturing Specialist

Chris Woods

R&D Tax - Engineering / Manufacturing Specialist

Paul Harding

R&D Tax - Engineering / Manufacturing Specialist

Andrew Blackstock

R&D Tax - Software Specialist

R&D Tax - Software Specialist

Sean Gottschalk

R&D Tax - Credit Claims Specialist

Dr Susan Lawther

Dr Susan Lawther

R&D Tax - Science, Agri-Food Specialists

R&D Tax - Science, Agri-Food Specialist

Dr David Bain

Trainee Business Development Manager

Trainee Business Development Manager

Brynie Barrow

CH4B Business Conference

Our Culture

Your business is unique and it deserves a unique approach, which means we adapt our services to suit your needs. We go beyond simple accountancy, creating a more manageable business, leading to your personal well-being. To us, business is not just about profit margins and tax bills, but about giving you the freedom to have more choice and control over how you live your life.

While our approach to accountancy is a little different, we always uphold our culture of respect, trust and professionalism by:

•  Striving to be as proactive as possible
•  Protecting our clients
•  Communicating with clarity
•  Thinking strategically
•  Using our knowledge
•  Valuing our integrity

Our clients place their faith in us and we embrace that responsibility.

Work for us

We are a growing company, who provide new and existing clients with specialist advice. We help everyone we work with identify and achieve their goals through collaboration and understanding their motivations to convert these into a strategy that builds a solid platform for long-term growth and development. We listen, we talk, we collaborate, we think, we plan, we succeed; for our clients, our team and our suppliers. We give everyone we work with the tools to achieve their goals.

We’re a fast-growing, so, if you don’t see a job advertised that suits you, send us your CV anyway. If you’re talented, enthusiastic, and keen to join a firm that values its team and offers fantastic training opportunities, we want to hear from you…

Email your CV to