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Increasing Sales Through Effective Email Marketing: Free Email Template Guide

Are your emails lacking the visual punch needed to captivate your audience? It’s time to dive into the realm of email template design to skyrocket your engagement rates. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a well-crafted email can be the difference between lost opportunities and triumphant conversions. And we’ve got just the guide to help you achieve that!

Central Hub 4 Business (“CH4B”) Members have access to a whole library of guides and templates in our dedicate Learning Hub, and this is our newest addition provided from our CH4B Approved Experts, Market Location

If you’re not member yet, book your free discovery call to see how we can help! Keep reading to find out how this template could be a game changer for your email marketing! 👇

Discover the Secrets to Technical Mastery

Ever sent an email that appeared wonky on certain devices or mail clients? Fear not! Our Email Template Guide is a treasure trove of technical insights to ensure your emails shine across all platforms. Learn the optimal width, the art of plain-text placement, and the intricate balance between text and imagery.

Navigate the Complexities of Code

HTML, CSS, DPI, file sizes—oh my! Dive into the nitty-gritty of email template coding. Uncover why HTML sans external CSS is the way to go, why image size matters, and how to keep your email lean and mean to dodge the dreaded junk folder.

Crack the Code for All Devices and Clients

Outlook giving you design headaches? We’ve got you covered. Discover the secrets to rendering your template flawlessly across various mail clients and devices. From mobile screens to laptops, ensure your masterpiece looks impeccable everywhere.

Master the Art of Footers

Become a GDPR-compliance wizard with our footer guidelines. Learn why the footer is a non-negotiable part of every email template. Understand how to craft it transparently, including privacy policies, company details, and that all-important Opt-Out link.

Steer Clear of Design Pitfalls

Don’t fall prey to common design faux pas! Say goodbye to button background colour vanishing acts and bizarre characters invading your templates. Avoid the dreaded red cross of doom on your images and conquer the perplexing world of line breaks and spacing.

Your Path to Perfect Templates Starts Here!

Not a design wizard? Don’t fret! Market Location offer a solution that won’t break the bank. Discover how our affordable template creation service can revolutionise your email game. In the meantime, download the FREE Email Template Guide!

Your Journey Begins Now

Ready to elevate your email marketing game to unparalleled heights? Dive into the Email Template Guide, available for download exclusively in the CH4B Central Hub 4 Business Members Area. Unleash the potential of your emails and watch your engagement soar!

Ready to learn more?

Dive in with our FREE CH4B Business Webinar: Expert Insights featuring Market Location for members and non-members!

Remember members, your Business Advisor is just a message away to guide you through this transformative journey.

Let’s revolutionise your email marketing together!

Happy Emailing! 📨🚀

Picture of Kimberley Moreno
Kimberley Moreno
Head of Professional Partnerships

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Kimberley Moreno

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