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6 Steps For Data Privacy Compliance

With the recent fining of META for Data Breach making the headlines, We have
created a handy guide showcasing our 6 steps for data privacy compliance.

As data shifted to digital platforms, authorities recognised the importance of
safeguarding it. Consequently, data privacy regulations were established to address
cyber threats. Many businesses are now obligated to adhere to one or more data
privacy policies.

By the end of 2024, approximately 75% of the population is expected to have their
data protected by one or more privacy regulations.

How does your business protect itself from hacking, and the concern of fines for data

  1. Create a comprehensive list of the different data privacy rules that apply to your
    business, including regulations based on industry, geographical location (such as
    selling to the EU), statewide or city/county-specific laws, and regulations for
    government contractors. This ensures you won’t be caught out by any unfamiliar
  2. Avoid surprises by staying up-to-date with any changes in data privacy regulations.
    Sign up for updates on the official website of the compliance authority associated
    with each regulation applicable to your business. For example, Care professionals can
    subscribe to CQC updates Ensure that all responsible parties receive
    these updates, such as the H&S Lead, and another named individuals, to prevent
    important information from being overlooked during someone’s absence.
  3. Regularly review your data security practices, even if they undergo minor changes,
    such as the addition of new servers or computers. Any modifications to your IT
    environment can potentially lead to non-compliance. For instance, a new employee
    device that lacks proper protection or an employee’s unauthorised use of a cloud tool
    can create compliance issues. Conduct an annual review of your data security
    measures and align them with your data privacy compliance requirements to ensure
    ongoing compliance.
  4. Perform annual audits of your security policies and procedures, which serve as written
    guidelines for employees regarding their responsibilities, data privacy, and breach
    management. Conduct additional audits whenever there are updates to data privacy
    regulations, ensuring that your policies encompass any newly introduced requirements
  5. Prepare in advance when notified about upcoming data privacy updates. It is
    advisable to comply with new rules before they take effect whenever possible. Assess
    three key areas of your IT security: technical safeguards (systems, devices, software,
    etc.), administrative safeguards (policies, manuals, training, etc.), and physical
    safeguards (doors, keypads, building security, etc.).
  6. Keep employees informed about changes in data privacy policies that affect their
    roles. Incorporate updates into your regular cybersecurity training to keep employees’
    breach prevention skills sharp and reinforce expectations. Document your training
    activities by recording the date, employees trained, and the topics covered. This
    documentation can prove useful in case of a future breach

If you would like more information on this, or how your business compares, then
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6 Steps For Data Privacy Compliance